Soap Making Workshop

Soap Making Workshop

This Creative Course is on an introductory Offer for the month of December Only.

This is an online Interactive course available from April 2020


Our Natural Soap Making workshop is a hands on beginers guide to creating luxury Soaps using Organic Materials and Natural Herbs.


-    Learn How to make Cold Process Soap from scratch.

-    Learn How to Formulate your own recipe

-    Learn some advanced techniques

-    Learn how to cut, store and cure soap

-    Learn how to calculate soap for different moulds

-    Learn the Health & Saftety Soap Making Proces

-    Learn what and where to buy materials


So if you would like to create your own Vegan, Eco and Environmentally friendly plant based Cleansing Soaps or Your very own creative hobby then this is the course for you.

A Word of Warning:  This creative course can become addictive!!

    €180.00 Regular Price
    €80.00Sale Price